Customer Testimonials

Darren Blanford, Practice Administrator

Working together since 2009

Pueblo Medical Imaging has been working with Red Rock Diagnostics since December 2009. They have always been professional and paid in a very timely manner. Our business with them over the past 5 years has grown substantially and we expect to continue. While there are a lot of choices out there, Red Rock Diagnostics will always continue to be our first choice for doing business with.

Patricia A. Harms, Chief Financial Officer

Working together since 2006

Since 2006, the process we have had in place for transferring lien accounts to your company has been smooth and simple. We enjoy a positive working relationship with you, and we have never had a complaint from either the staff member who liaise with your company nor from any of our patients. We look forward to continuing a mutually-beneficial relationship with Red Rock Diagnostics.

Rhonda Fields, Collections Manager

Working together since 2010

We used to manage our liens internally – chasing attorneys, and paperwork. We even had some A/R accounts open for FIVE YEARS. It was an accounting nightmare! Working with Red Rock has eliminated all of those headaches, improved our cash flow and simplified my life tremendously.

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